Mother Teresa Speaks:

The Worst Problem In The World Today

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Comments by Fr. George William Rutler during a Good Friday, 1989 sermon at St. Agnes Church, New York City, New York:

 “I will tell you a secret, since we have just a thousand close friends together, and also because we have the Missionaries of Charity with us, whom the Holy Spirit has sent into the world [so] that the secrets of many hearts might be revealed. 

 Not very long ago, I said Mass and preached for their Mother, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and after breakfast we spent quite a long time talking in a little room.  Suddenly, I found myself asking her (I don’t know why):


‘Mother, what do you think is the worst problem in the world today?’ ”

 “She, more than anyone, could name any number of candidates:  famine, plague, disease, the breakdown of the family, rebellion against God, the corruption of the media, world debt, nuclear threat, and so on.  Without pausing a second, she said:

 ‘Wherever I go in the whole world, the thing that makes me the saddest is watching people receive Communion in the hand.’ ”

Messages to Rosa Lopez from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Loving Mother about Communion in the Hand


January 19, 1995.  Our Loving Mother said:  “I state clearly:  Do not take Communion in sin, Confess first.  Do not take My Beloved’s Body in your hands."

May 22, 1995.  Our Lord said:  “My dear child, My little one, I am your Heavenly Father...When I instituted the Supper, I gave My disciples the Sacred Host.  At that moment, I founded the Church with My Body and My Blood.  I was the First Priest, the First Bishop, the First Pope.  I gave My Body, which was given up for you, into their hands.  Take note:  I gave It to them in their hands, and they, in turn, passed It among all.  I ask you, who gave the Divine Host?  My disciples?  No, I, First in Everything.  They were My first servants [priests], servants of God Made Man, Supreme in All, for ever and ever.  Who should administer [Communion] in the Church I formed with My Body and My Blood?  The priests, and if the parishioners are many, another priest or nun should administer the Sacred Host.  That is why I send you My Mother, Mother of the Church and man, to unite My servants and My brothers in the New Covenant, so that in one, true Communion in the Holy Spirit, you repent of offending God with negative attitudes towards My Body....Those who spread My Word will be greatly blessed.  Amen.”

June 25, 1995.  Our Loving Mother said:  “Condemned are those who receive the Bread of the Eucharist as if they took a piece of bread in a restaurant or in their homes or at any breakfast.  Those who take the Body of My Well Beloved without any respect are imitating the malignant one, as they offend the Body of Jesus in this way...All who do not bow with respect before the King of Kings, the Savior and Giver of Life, the Lamb of God, the Divine Teacher, the Son of God Made Man, Who was Immolated for all of you, are hypocrites, deniers of the Truth that encloses that Divine Gift...the sacred Host.  No, My little ones, you do not realize what an extreme sin it is that you are committing.  Every time you take into your hands the Body of Jesus, you are Scourging My Beloved  Son, Jesus once again.  Why do you do it, My little ones?  Why do you do it?  My Beloved calls you in the Eucharist to a total conversion, but do it with love, reverence and humility, with true respect for the One Who loves you and exhorts you to receive Communion with devotion and joy.”

July 1995 (No date).  Our Lord said:  “Write from Malachi, who was one of the minor prophets, the last one of those who fought against the profanation of the priests of those times...:  Chapter 2, Verses 1-2:  ‘And now, O priests, this commandment is for you:  If you do not listen,  And if you do not lay it to heart, to give glory to my name, says the Lord of hosts;  I will send a curse upon you and of your blessing I will make a curse.  Yes, I have already cursed it because you do not lay it to heart.’  Chapter 1, Verses 6-7:  ‘A son honors his father, and a servant fears his master;  If then I am a father, where is the honor due to me?  And if I am a master, where is the reverence due to me?  So says the Lord of hosts to you, O priests, who despise his name.  But you ask, “How have we despised your name?”  By offering polluted food on my altar!’  This, My little one, is prayer that fits these times, and do you know why?  Because today, when the priest make the offering on the altar of the Lord, at that moment, the Body of the Well Beloved is present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  But what happens when that priest offers It to My little ones?  All the Dignity and Sacrifice of the Son of God is profaned and offended at the altar at the same moment that His Beloved Body is given in the hands of the parishioners.  At the same time, with their hands dirty from the sins of the world, dirty from the dust of the streets and sweat, It is touched and It is vituperated by those who should, at all moments, Honor and Glorify the Lord, the Lamb of God, Who takes Away the Sins of the World...”

February 4, 1996.  Our Loving Mother said:  “My child, do not be afraid to drill the Word of Jesus into the hearts of My children, the little ones who believe that by taking the Sacred Eucharist in their hands irreverently, they are not committing any sin.  I, your Loving Mother, ask those little ones, ‘Don’t you know that for a priest to begin to consecrate the Sacred Host, he must purify his body and soul for seven years and allow the Holy Spirit, with His Consuming Fire, to fill his heart with love of Jesus and to fill it with His Light, so that same Light may illuminate all those who Confess and receive Communion in perfect harmony with God?  Before the Well Beloved, My dear child, all knees will bend and all heads will bow...The Love of Jesus, dearest child, is Infinite, but His Pain is also Infinite when He sees that man has lost all respect and reverence before His Body and Blood.  Do not profane, My little ones, that Act of Love, which is the Supper of Jesus.  Do not continue to Crucify Him with indifference and lack of respect.  Remember that if you open your mouths and bend your knees before the Well Beloved, Who Gave It All for love of the world, the priest will not be able to refuse to carry out that act of holiness at that moment.  My little one, help the priests to return to this act of reverence and respect, which is receiving Jesus in Communion.”

October 6, 1996.  Our Loving Mother said:  “Man believes that it is a sin to bend his knees before the Body of Jesus, Who is Present in the Sacred Eucharist during Communion and Who should be Revered, because of the Presence of His Body and Blood.  The shepherds who lead the sheep do not believe in that reverence.  [They say that] it’s ‘old-fashioned.’  They say, ‘That time is past.’  They say that it was only done during the time of Jesus and that the pope authorized the taking of Communion in the hand without reverence, without respect...That is what the servants of Jesus and Mary, your Loving Mother, say.”

October 25, 1996.  Our Lord said:  “The Pharisees of these times invent their own doctrines and dogmas.  They are Roman and Apostolic, they go to church, they sanctify themselves, receive Communion without Confessing, elevate Hosts with unconsecrated hands and place My Body in [people’s] hands.  After the Wine has been elevated, they don’t kneel; they say it is no longer done...They say It [the Blessed Sacrament] is just a symbol because Christ is alive and that if they place Him on the altar, they offend other Christians.”

May 14, 1997.  Our Lord said:  “In Exodus, Moses came down from the mountain to prepare his people to honor God.  He told them to prepare themselves for the next day and not to have any sexual relations.  You see, My little one, how those men had to be clean of body and clothing to give Honor to God and how today, the servants that God left to teach His Word and to fulfill the Law allow women and men who do not have consecrated hands to give the Body and Blood of that Man, Who is God Made Flesh?  They have changed the Law.  That is why the Fury of the Lord will be felt in the form of thunder, lightning, fire and mud, swallowing anything that gets in His Way.”

June 9, 1997.  Our Lord said:  “My little one, what is happening in the Church and with the servants I left behind [the priests]?  They have allowed sects of other denominations to enter the Church...They give the Host in the hand, because it is ‘unsanitary’ to give It in the mouth...To them [those of other denominations], Communion is an act of idolatry, because they do not believe that the Body of Jesus and His Blood are there, in that little piece of bread.”

July 3, 1997.  Our Loving Mother said:  “Don’t you remember, My little one, that the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement is the definition of an order that goes beyond the understanding of the believers who believe and who lend themselves to it, without realizing that they are being used for the internal destruction of the Church?...Respect for the Church is no longer fashionable...all those things, such as bending your knees and taking Communion in the mouth, are things of the past is ‘unsanitary’ to take Communion in the mouth.  All of this, My little one, is a diabolical plan that has been planned since 1962. [This plan] has infiltrated the True Church so that the evangelical church may be put in its place, because according to this powerful network, it is the original one.”

August 19, 1997.  Our Loving Mother said:  “Receive Communion in the mouth, not in the hand.  Pray that in the Church, where the Well Beloved is Present in the Eucharist, that sacred, spiritual music be played so that nothing ‘entertains’ you while you are in His Presence.”

August 2, 1998.  Our Lord said:  “My child, you ask about the difference between priests and deacons.  I want you to know that there is a big difference.  Only priests’ hands are consecrated to say Mass and to give the Eucharist to parishioners.  Secular persons cannot consecrate, not even deacons.  Today, there is no difference, because they [mankind] have usurped the place that only belongs to priests.  My daughter, if women have never been ordained as priests, why is it that today, women are going up to the altar of the Lord to distribute Communion to the parishioners as if it were the norm?  Everything has changed, little one, in this world of disobedient men who do not have the time the check Sacred Scriptures to find the Truths contained there.  My daughter, is the difference between a woman priest and a man priest only the cassock?  No, there are many more differences.  Jesus did not allow women to become priests, because from the beginning, women could only be witnesses from the rear of the temples, never protagonists at the altar.  Remember that the Virgin Mary, your Loving Mother, even though She was Pure and forever a Virgin, complied with the Law of Moses and waited the required time for purification before presenting the Infant Jesus in the temple and until then, and not before, did He go up to the altar.  Women are impure by nature.  Women have something that differentiates them from men, that is, menstruation.  If Jesus had wanted to have women priests, He would have allowed His Loving Mother [to become one].  Is there anyone more pure than She?  It is written that Jesus said, ‘I am Holy.  Those who serve at the altar have to be holy.’  Why do priests have to be celibate?  Yes, the servants of the Lord have to be celibate.  Then why do women and those who help the priests, some married, some single – those who, by nature, have intercourse – why do they, whose hands are not consecrated and are not celibate, give Communion?  Don’t you think it would be good to ask?  From the beginning, the ones who kept the Tabernacle and the Sacraments had to be pure and clean and the deacons, or the ones who had to deal with the things of God, were eunuchs or became eunuchs to make sure they were celibate.”

February 13, 1999.  Our Loving Mother said:  “I appear in many places and I have begged you:  Don’t take the Body of My Beloved in your sinful and profane hands.  Bend your knees before Him.”

May 8, 1999.  Our Loving Mother said:  “Today, everything is changed.  We don’t kneel at Mass and we take the Eucharist in our hands because man said that it could be done this way.  Jesus tells us through the Virgin Mary that we Crucify Him each time we receive Communion in our hands.  When a priest says that taking the Eucharist in the mouth spreads germs, he is not inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit kills all the germs of the malignant one.  Jesus says, ‘My Power is with them [the priests].  They are consecrated to Me and have all power, even for exorcism.’ ”

July 31, 1999.  Our Loving Mother said:  “The servants [priests] or pastors that My Well Beloved left to guide His flock offend Jesus when they give the Eucharist to Ministers [men and women] to be taken to the sick in their homes and in the hospitals [instead of by the priests].  He is also offended when the female Eucharistic Ministers keep Him [the Sacred Host] in their purses together with personal belongings like cigarettes, cosmetics and tampons and then they take the Paten and even the Holy Eucharist in their hands, which are not consecrated.  The men who give Communion also profane and offend Jesus at every moment.  The majority of them are married and they come directly from all their adventures in the streets and in their homes to give Communion.  The pastors are very calm about these procedures.  If parishioners try to say that they do not agree with the way the Church is acting, they earn the ill will of the pastors and are called fanatics...”

August 7, 1999.  Our Lord said:  “Today, you can see how the priests refuse to give My Sacred Body in the mouths of My little children.  This is debated in all the churches.  They do not want to listen to anything.  Today, men plot schemes about the Sacred Eucharist in order to perform evil and satanic acts with the Sacred Body of Jesus, and almost all sacred places around the world are involved in this.  Any one of you can confirm what I am talking about.  You can go to many temples where they refuse to give the Sacred Host in your mouths but instead, give It in your hands.”

August 8, 1999.  God the Father said:  ...Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, known by the masonic name of BUAN, ordered the Eucharist in the hand, which is a profanation of the Body and Blood of Jesus.  He was sent to Iran when it was discovered that he belonged to masonry.  Today, the rest of the masons remain in the Sacred Temple of God, all of them dressed in purple, designing the ‘New Age’ in the Church, the new reforms and the Charismatic movement.”

August 12, 1999.  Our Lord said:  “Dear they [the priests] confuse mankind when they come to the temples and say that this [the Sacred Host] a symbol and that everyone who comes to the temples can touch It, because everyone’s hands are holy.  Hypocrites, I say to you, because Jesus is the Bread of Life.”

August 28, 1999.  Our Lord said:  “Why is it that today, the men who serve at the sanctuary where I Am Present all the time, contaminate themselves by having sex and by committing all kinds of worldly sins? I tell you that I am speaking of the married deacons who serve the world and then come from that world contaminated by all its sins as they serve at My altar.  Is it because the Word of God can be changed by man?  Is it that God lied or made a mistake when He gave His prophets instructions [the Sacred Scriptures] so you could walk with those Words?  Is it that Jesus made a mistake when He established His apostles of the New Testament and gave them the power to bind or loosen through the Holy Spirit so they could bind or loosen on earth and in heaven?  Did Jesus make a mistake, or are you the ones who are confused when you misinterpret what is written?  It is you, My little creatures, who are confused, throughout all of time.  You ask:  Why didn’t Jesus establish Mary, the Virgin Mother, who was Saintly and Pure, to give Communion to the apostles?  This is the answer I give you; engrave it in your hearts:  The Blood of the Lamb cannot be mixed on the altar with the blood of women.  The Virgin Mary was Pure, but even She could not be chosen for this, because then She would be imitated by the women of coming generations, who are really not pure because they menstruate monthly in order to purify themselves.  Women need to have menstrual cycles to purify their bodies.  Everything has been changed by man and even the temples have been infiltrated by the malignant one.  This is why everyone believes they are gods.  The Divine hierarchy have disappeared from church altars and have been replaced by New Agers, who say that we are all similar to God, that we all have saintly hands and that we can all give out the Eucharist.”

January 22, 2000. Our Lord said:  “My little one, I want say the following to My Church: must return My Body and Blood to the center of the altars, so that They are there all the time.  You must give It to the people after they Confess and you must give It to them in their mouths, not in their hands.  You must remember that My Body and My Blood are Present when you consecrate the bread and the wine.  Return all My sheep to the True Doctrine that I gave you in My Sacred Scriptures.”

February 15, 2000. Our Lord said:  “Before consecrating the Sacred Eucharist, My priests wash their hands as a symbol of purification.  In Psalm 25, Verses 6-7, you will see the prayer that they mentally offer to God:  ‘I will wash my hands among the innocent; and will compass thy altar, O Lord:  That I may hear the voice of thy praise: and tell of all thy wondrous works.’  These are the first words of prayer said by the priest in the Mass when he washes his fingers before offering the bread and wine.  In the Bible, My little one, washing is synonymous with purification, cleansing, or elimination of dirt, because water signifies purity and innocence.  I want you to tell My small creatures to notice that when they go to Mass that they will not see any of the women who have taken the place of My priests [Eucharistic Ministers] wash their hands or much less, say the prayer of forgiveness, and neither do the deacons.  Then why do the priests that I left commit the sacrilege of allowing My Body and Blood to be offended on the altars?  They will respond that they do not have sufficient priests and must work alone; that they need help.  You should know that there are no priestly vocations because there is a deaconate and because there are deacons [to do the work of the priests].”